Now in its fourth year, The MILANO international ANTIQUES SHOW has grown to become a much-anticipated event by collectors, academics, enthusiasts by vocation, investors from Italy and abroad – all brought together by the pursuit of quality, the joy of discovery, the temptation of a purchase as a precious investment for years to come. These are the motivations the Milanese exhibition satisfies, thanks in particular to the meticulous selection of participants and consequently the excellent array of articles proposed.


With over 40% of exhibitors representing foreign galleries and publishing houses from eight different European and North American countries, The MILANO international ANTIQUES SHOW is in its scope the second-largest event of its kind in Europe. The Vetting Committee and the Committee of Honour also have an international dimension, featuring not only important members of the institutions and the business
community, but also the consoles of the countries represented by participants.


Before the show commences, a special committee composed of authoritative phi-lologists, art historians and experts exami-nes the exhibits of each sector and period represented to assure their authenticity and that the standards of historic value are consonant with the prestige of the event.

Published in large format (32.5 x 24.5) in both Italian and English remains as testimony to the show, featuring colour reproductions and a thorough collection of technical and bio-bibliographical sheets compiled with the assistance of the exhibitors themselves.



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