Extract from the first edition press release of

A new star is born. For the first time in the panorama of art shows with an international outreach an exposition expressly dedicated to modern and contemporary art embraces painting, sculpture and applied arts…highly selective, Mimas hosts…galleries of repute which line up here works of significant importance in the panorama of 20th century art collecting…there are masterworks from major painters – De Chirico and Morandi - and sculptors – Brancusi, Arturo Martini, Manzú. Lastly, there are tresure troves in the section of applied arts.

Alessandra Cocci Quattordio, AD

Less than a month after the Mifas, the Permanente hosts the maiden show of the new exposition dedicated to modern and contemporary art, The Mimas…exhibitors of international fame, works from masters of 20th century art, reflecting the more representative and vibrant trends of the last century. From the “vortex” of Balla to the jugs of Picasso.

Carlotta Lombardo, CORRIERE DELLA SERA

…new vista for the collectors community…an exceptional runway, the new-born Milano International Modern Arts Show …the Mimas steps in the limelight of shows dedicated to the 20th century, banking brazenly on established names. Selection is cream of the crop. Artists lionised by the market and the public, towering figures of a highly figurative and iconoclastic 20th century, with incursions into the conceptual. The end result is truly homogeneous…


…a select few galleries, only pieces of great and certified value, and doors open not only to paintings and sculptures but also to ceramics, glassware, furniture, textiles, sliver and jewellery…you should check out the maiden Mimas, with its line up of wonders ranging from the “Nudo di giovane sdraiata” by Boldini (1910)…to “Model” by Botero. In between, the very best of 20th century art, principally Italian…mentioning pell-mell: Capogrossi, Morandi, Fontana, Severini, Campigli, Balla, Burri, Schifano, Manzoni, Sironi, Manzù …, Arman, Picasso, Chagall, Mitoraj, Schnabel, all unstintingly showcased by their owners…for the majority of its visitors, Mimas is more of an exhibition than a mart. And what an exhibition! Rather like a museum of contemporary art…where one is tempted to make a final hypothetical evaluation of the 20th century and of its splendid contradictions, or…just contemplate in wonder the best of what this “exterminated century”…produced.

Alberto Mattioli, IL GIORNO

Milano International Modern Arts Show…ageless modern art…the show succeeds in connecting the dots that show the continuity in the major trends of 20th century arts by focusing on the great artists
whose works have passed the test of time…The Mimas is, thus, both an ideal platform to size up the state of the market of 20th century masterworks and an exciting cultural event.


Milan is readying for the springtime of art…indeed, the Mimas, Milano International Modern Arts Show, is to roll out its line up of principally paintings and sculptures of the 20th century.

Enrica Roddolo, IL MONDO

Milan’s springtime of art this year is budding with a new show-mart dedicated to all the creative trends of modern art.


Not only flowers bloom in spring in Milan…MIMAS is coming…


Mimas is starting out…born as complement to Mifas…art dealers selected by a committee of experts…a vernissage staged by El Toulà, a location more exclusive than a fair hall and lots of publicity in the press.

Martina Corgnati, LA REPUBBLICA

The Mimas…modern art made available to the public but not only…a themed show unequalled in Italy and which rises up to the standards of the better museums of modern and contemporary art…a unique opportunity and with an international breadth (seldom do similar venues cover the diversity of expressions of 20th century art), The Mimas deservedly brings Milan back to the centre of the art collecting market. The Milano International Modern Arts Show is organised by Artmediainternational, who has established its reputation in the world of fine arts and antique as an organiser of art shows and events and as promoter of major works of restoration, and whose unswerving dedication to excellence has helped ensure the success of a major trade exhibition that is also acclaimed as a cultural event and which attracts top-class exhibitors and visitors from Italy and overseas.


The first show in Italy with an international outreach expressly dedicated to the many faces of modern and contemporary art.


The fact that, though at its inception, The Mimas should line up major international galleries – and works showcased and on sale – is a telling sign of the importance of art as an asset that acquires value and that reaches out to a vibrant and fast-changing market.

Laura Gelmini, IL CITTADINO

…the start out of The Mimas, The Milano International Modern Arts Show…organised by Artmediainternational…dedicated principally to paintings and sculptures by the greatest artists and to all the major forms of artistic expressions of the first decades of the 20th century. Open to Italian and foreign art galleries, representing the more important trends of the past century, it aims to complement The Milano International Fine Art & Antiques Show …

Laura Torretta, IL SOLE 24 ORE

From (May) 7 through 11, the maiden show of another Milanese event dedicated to modern and contemporary art is expected, “The Milano International Modern Arts Show”. This show-cum-mart event takes its cue from such New York events as brilliantly combine art and high society glitz.


…Mimas of established names…deliberately leaving out the avant-garde, focus is renowned artists. A committee of experts of international repute has elected to promote the more recognised and acclaimed artists, leaving out the avant-garde and experimentalists, to secure safe investment for buyers…the list of prestigious names showcased is dizzying…

Luigi Camporelli, LA STAMPA

…Mimas aims to be the perfect bridge between 19th and 20th century by promoting in particular such artistic expressions as were largely consolidated. Ideal for art collectors seeking continuity of classic form…


May in Milan takes on the colours of art…“The Milano International Modern Arts Show” is a many-faceted event that lines up some of the greatest artists of modern and contemporary art, from Chagall to Fontana from Morandi to Balla, from Boldini to Botero. A unique occasion for discerning collectors and art lovers, but also for the public at large. Indeed, masterworks are not all sequestered in museums. At its inception…Mimas promises to be a major cultural event, above all because it showcases select and, at times, unique exhibits.


Milan as capital of Italy’s art market? Whether true or still only a challenge, fact is that the success of Mifas has encouraged the birth of a similar show focused on modern and contemporary art…the first modern art show to open in Milan.


…the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan is to host the maiden Mimas, The Milano International Modern Arts Show, a show of international outreach dedicated to modern art…

Bernardo Rizzato, AD

…at the Permanente, “20th century classical and decorative arts” …a new exhibition dedicated to modern art…serene and muffled ambience. Good trading…