it will be blooming in Milan “The MILANO ART SPRING Exhibitions”

Milan, December 2002

A new era for art is to open up at Milan next May with the new venue: “The MIMAS – The MILANO International MODERN ARTS SHOW”, the first show with an international outreach to be expressly dedicated to the many-faceted world of modern and contemporary art.

Established to the highest standards of artistic and organizational excellence which are the hallmark of Artmediainternational, the maiden edition of “The MIMAS” is to bring together a select thirty art galleries from here and abroad to illustrate the prevailing schools of the last century.

The event, to take place at the Palazzo della Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente of via Turati, from May 7th through 11th , 2003, will follow the fifth “The MIFAS – The MILANO International FINE ARTS & ANTIQUES SHOW”, likewise hosted at the Palazzo della Permanente, from April 5th through 13th , 2003.

“The MIFAS” and “The MIMAS” are part and parcel of a larger project, to be unfolded through 2004, under the title “The MILANO ART SPRING Exhibitions”. Designed to promote Milan as the capital of the art market in Italy, this economic and cultural project aims to launch focused cross-border operations in partnership with Institutions and the Business community.

“This initiative is principally intended to give greater exposure to Italian art, from its inception to present-day achievements, in a city with a marked cosmopolitan stamp like Milan, which is already the heart and business capital of art and antiquarians” - says Artmediainternational president and originator of the two shows and project, Maria Bianca Marasini – “Trade people have long since made the city of Milan the premier venue for cultural and business networking and transacting. Our job has simply been to build up on existing foundations.”

“The MIMAS – The MILANO International MODERN ARTS SHOW” will dedicate its maiden exposition principally to paintings and sculptures, but will also cover a breadth of choice art exhibits from the early twentieth century, such as ceramics, glass, fabrics, silver and jewels, often bearing the names of the most renowned artists of the period.

The superior quality of this array of exhibits shall be placed under the scrutiny of a broad Scientific Committee, made up of academics, museum curators, experts and restoration artists of international repute, in the interest of visitors, buyers and art gallery owners alike.

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